“Estate agent’s commission is too high”, I hear people saying. You sell a property for R1 million and if the agents charge their normal commission plus VAT it takes a chunk of about R85 000.00 off from your proceeds.

Yet I know many estate agents who work long tedious hours on numerous potential transactions  and who incur substantial expenses before they earn commission (for which they have to wait two to three months for registration of transfer), who battle to make a living selling property.

The problem is that the traditional methods of estate agents are ineffective, labour intensive and costly.

Many people try to sell their properties without an estate agent, which is legally permissible, but the success rate of private sellers is very low.

Does that force you to make use of an estate agent? No, not necessarily.

As I mentioned, the traditional way is ineffective. In fact it is totally outdated.


Because of the failure to make proper use of the internet and modern technology. It has been said that the invention of the internet is the most important innovation since the printing press was invented in the 15th century. Experts say that technology is already providing solutions reducing the use of intermediaries in real estate.


So if the traditional method of using estate agents is not cost-effective and if selling privately does usually not work well, what is the option that remains?



This is where Attorney Realtor Hub comes in. Attorneys who are qualified as conveyancers can join the Hub and from the start render a professional service that is much more cost effective than the traditional way. Attorney Meyer de Waal says, “Technology can never replace the human touch and that is why attorneys who are selling properties are combining their legal training, experience and “touch” with the latest property Tech to work more efficient in the process of marketing and selling property ….” He says, “Attorneys who make use of the HUB’s tools are leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer sellers and buyers much greater value in the “full circle” of the sales process than has traditionally been the case. All the role-players can sleep peacefully at night knowing that they are in safe, experienced and qualified hands from the time the owner decides to offer his/her property for sale, to the time the buyer is registered in the deeds office as the new owner.”

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“Here is the deal: Selling commission of only 5% plus VAT!


How can conveyancers render a service for such a low commission? Because they make use of the latest technology and avoid old fashioned time-wasting methods, like show houses, spending time and energy with unqualified purchasers, escorting potential purchasers to numerous properties etc. in other words, by working smarter and not harder….


Here is an illustration of the savings for various selling prices:












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R500 000

R42 750

R14 250

R28 500

R1 000 000

R85 000

R28 500

R56 500

R1 500 000

R128 250

R42 750

R85 500

R1 700 000

R145 350

R48 450

R96 900

R2 000 000

R171 000

R57 000

R114 000

R2 500 000

R213 750

R71 250

R142 500

R3 000 000

R256 500

R85 500

R171 000

R4 000 000

R342 000

R114 000

R228 000

R5 000 000

R427 500

R142 500

R285 000

R6 000 000

R513 000

R171 000

R342 000

R10 000 000

R855 000

R285 000

R570 000

R30 000 000

R2 265 000

R855 000

R1 710 000

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