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There is no other book on this topic.


Every church leader and pastor in SA should have his/her own copy.


More than 180 pages …


Helping you to avoid the legal snares of church leadership…


Covering 22 areas of church life…


Giving practical guidelines and examples…


Referring to case law…


Some of the questions dealt with:









The author, Johann Grobler, is a practising attorney since 1978 and holds a Master’s degree in theology.


See the attachments for the full contents and an excerpt from the book.


Price:  R180.00 (excluding postage or delivery charges). Digital format (pdf) : R90.00


Discount of 15% if 20 copies or more are ordered at once.


Write to: or or phone 011 664-8812 during office hours.







Johann Grobler & Associates

Book Contents


1. Constitutions and registration of churches        12

-- "Where do we register the new church we

    have started?"


2. Income tax exemption          22

-- "Is there tax exemption for churches?"

-- “Can tithes be deducted for income tax purposes?


3. Nonprofit Organisations          29

-- “Should our church register as an NPO?”


4. Donations and tithes -- the legal implications       33

-- "Pastor, I want my money back."


5. Testamentary issues          35

-- "Pastor, I want to bequeath everything

   to the church. "


6. When a brother or sister dies -- the legal duties       39

-- "Where do we report his death?”

-- “Pastor, the family disagrees about funeral



7. Church property and buildings         45

--“The church wants to buy this property

– what now?”


8. Breach of confidentiality and duty to disclose       49

-- "Pastor, we want you to testify about

    that confession he made to you."


9. Counselling and legal issues         58

-- "Pastor, your wrong advice cost me R50 000!"



10. Church activities and potential legal liability       61

-- "My son's accident at the church youth

    camp put me back R50 000."


11. Basics of the law of contract         65

-- "Pastor, you signed -- you are liable!"


12. The church and labour law         68

-- "Surely ministers are not employees - are they?"


13. Disciplinary matters          82

-- "They can't just excommunicate me!"


14. Alternative dispute resolution         90

-- "If I'm not supposed to sue, what alternative

   is there?"

15. Christian mediation and arbitration        96

-- "How does Christian mediation differ

   from secular mediation?"  


16. Wedding bells and marriage officers        103

-- "Who may act as marriage officers?"


17. The law of divorce           112

-- "Pastor, I want to sue for divorce."

-  “Pastor, she wants to take the kids out of

    Sunday school!”


18. Domestic violence           127

-- "Pastor, my husband locked me and the kids out!"


19. What to say to the parishioner in debt        132

-- "Pastor, please help, my creditors want

    to sue me! "


20. Helping the Helpless          138

-- “Pastor, my son is a drug addict!”

-- “Pastor, my husband is an alcoholic!’

-- “Pastor, my elderly mom is not all there and she’s being

    exploited by family members!”

--“Pastor, is mercy-killing OK?”

--“Pastor, my 16 year old daughter wants an abortion!”

-- “Pastor, they caught my 18 year old son shoplifting!”


21. Copyright issues           145

-- "Pastor, churches don't have to worry about

    copyright, do they?"

-- “Pastor, let’s invite the community to our movie nights.”


22. What you should know about human rights       152

-- "What rights can we Christians claim?"

--“ Pastor, the camp leader may spank my child if

   he is rebellious.”


Appendix 1 : The Bill of Rights         160


Appendix 2 : List of Regional Offices of Legal Aid

Justice Centres           172


Appendix 3: List of Public Benefit Activities for               173

Income tax exemption.


Appendix 4: List of Public Benefit Activities for               178

Income tax deduction for donors.


Appendix 5: A lawyer’s perspective on the Law       184

Of Moses.