When requesting us to wind up a deceased estate….


The following documents will be needed:






















If applicable, also copies of:

• Divorce order of deceased and heirs

• Lease agreements

• Life insurance policies

• Short term insurance policies

• Share certificates

• Financial statements i.r.o. partnership, company, or CC.


The forms to be completed will ask for the following information which may not be readily available:

• Name and particulars of employer

• List of assets with estimated values (contents of house, except for jewelry and cash, are to be lumped together under “furniture   and household items”).

• Names and dates of birth of next of kin (spouse and children).

• Place of birth of deceased

• Name of predeceased spouse, as well as Master’s Office and estate number i.r.o. his/her estate and date of death.

• Names of parents of deceased

• Particulars of existing bond/s : the bondholder/s and account number/s

• Income tax number of deceased, and if applicable, VAT number

• List of debts/liabilities of deceased


Other information which we would like to have, if applicable:

• Name and address of medical fund and member no.

• Assets outside R.S.A.

• If deceased was involved in pending court case/s, at which court, case number and details of attorney.

• If deceased or heir was declared insolvent, date thereof and details of trustee.



Identity document of deceased Original

which will be handed back

Identity document of nominated / proposed executor Original

which will be handed back

Death Certificate Original

which will be handed back

Last Will and Testament Original  (if applicable)

which will be handed back

Marriage Certificate


Ante Nuptial Contract


Title deeds in respect of immovable property

Copy, if available.

Insurance policies

Original or copy

Share certificate or other proof of shares

Original or copy

Motor vehicle registration document

Original or copy

Recent salary slip

Original or copy

Recent cheque account and other statements

Original or copy

Funeral costs (invoice and receipt)  

Original or copy