Most people don’t like to think of their death. Yet we know it is certain that that day will come.

Our law allows everyone over the age of 16 and of sound mind to have a Will. If it complies with the legal formalities, the law will honour what is stated in the Will (with only a few exceptions). Your Will is literally your last word as to what is to happen with your assets when you die.


I have been surprised during my years of practice how many people (even wealthy intelligent ones) failed to make a Will.


Here are some of the disadvantages of not having a Will.





On the positive side, if someone seeks advice from a professional regarding his Will, many other factors can come in the spotlight that can be discussed and then catered for in the Will, for example:



Most attorneys and banks do not charge thousands of rands for planning and drafting a Will. My advice is not to delay in getting your Will in order. Even if you have one, it needs to be revised from time to time as circumstances change.