(by Johann Grobler)


I am a Christian attorney and my heart’s desire is that the parties, if at all possible, try their best to become reconciled.


Divorce is usually extremely traumatic for both parties, and if there are children, for them as well. Psychologists say that the hurt is virtually on the same degree and intensity as in the case of the death of a spouse.

We respect our client’s free will and decisions in this regard. Therefore, if one or both are not interested in an attempt to reconciliation, then we will proceed with the divorce case.


We do however, offer a unique and affordable  service. It is a mentorship-mediation to help those who request this assistance, to come to a meeting of minds (perhaps as a last attempt) and to save the marriage. By the way, apart from my legal qualifications, I hold a Master’s Degree in theology where my dissertation was on this very topic. I am especially passionate to help Christians to go through the process from a Christian viewpoint. I can witness of cases where it have been successful.



Both parties must consent thereto. The aim is to identify the issues, to work together in seeking solutions and finally to put together a written agreement where the solutions are stipulated and signed by both parties. Each party will get a fair chance to state his/her case without interruptions (save for questions by the mediator for clarification). Whatever is said, will be treated as confidential and should divorce proceedings be instituted, it may not be used in the divorce case.


The mentorship-mediation may be arranged for after hours or on a Saturday morning, but then the fee will be 15% higher than the usual rate.

The fee we ask (for sessions during office hours) are about two thirds of what we charge for a divorce case. The parties usually share the fees, but they may agree differently between themselves.


A deposit of R2 500.00 offers the following:


Thereafter fees are charged at R250.00 plus VAT per 15 minutes during office hours and R290.00 plus VAT for the same period during after office hours.



My point of departure is to finalise the divorce as painless, as inexpensive and as quickly as possible. We will not pick a fight to “milk” our client for more fees.


There are several grounds for divorce in our law. By far the most common ground is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. That is usually not the issue the parties are fighting about. The battle is mostly about the division of assets, the residence of and access to the children and maintenance.


Our fees for a divorce are as follow:


The fee* for an uncontested divorce is as follows:


















A divorce will not be regarded as uncontested, if:

1. The defendant (the other party) appoints his / her own attorney


2. The defendant refuses to settle after two amendments of the deed of settlement; or


3. The defendant refuses to co-operate


Should you wish to make an appointment, please call 011 664 8812 and speak to Hilda or Monya. Mention whether you wish to begin a divorce case or mentorship-mediation (or either of the two if your are still uncertain) and provide your name and contact details. Get our bank details and a reference number; make an electronic deposit of R2 500.00. Send proof thereof to our office and call again to finalise your appointment.


Vir Afrikaans kliek hier


First consultation (1 ½ hours plus making of copies of documents

R2 000.00

Drafting settlement agreement (including maximum of two amendments)

R2 000.00

Drafting of Summons and delivery at Sheriff

R2 500.00

Sheriff’s fee

As per Sheriff’s invoice

Court attendance. Should matter be postponed, the usual tariff will apply for every further Court attendance

R1 500.00

Fee for work not indicated above

R350.00 per 15 minutes

*VAT to be added